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Do you remember when…?

October 2005, my rez date

It was a time when you had two names, the last you chose from a list of given names. It was a time when Yadni’s Junkyard was THE place to go for some of the best freebie stuff.  Not an inventory to be found without at least one box from Spidey’s Freebies, usually many, many boxes.  It was a time before mesh, indeed, a time before sculpted prims. Even flex prims had yet to be discovered.  A time when a simple, small statue had a higher land impact than the average house today. A time when a great imagination and creativity was a must for any builder, since prim shapes were quite limited.  A time when the girls either adjusted their shape, or had a separate avatar shape just for wearing skirts, because the bootie had to be set at 0 to prevent the look of an extremely over-sized bustle.

Jesse Murdock’s club, Bad Girls was THE place to hang out.  The wait list for a store in the shopping area there was months long.  His animations were some of the most popular, and his couples dance balls are still seen here and there.  “Spank my ass if you want to dance” was one of the most common phrases heard in clubs, thanks to Owen Khan and his Chimera from Owenimations .  Most everyone wore Reverie and/or Torrid AOs.  Time spent at the sandbox almost always included at least one giant penis avatar pushing you around.  The list could go on and on.

I often think back to what SL was then, as I look around at what SL is today.  Many people have left, many people complain and threaten to leave (although they are still here), but I think, for the most part, people are happy with SL and what it has become.  Say what you will, but SL is still one of, if not the most popular virtual world environment, and certainly the most ‘modern’, and realistic-looking.  People, like myself, may leave for awhile, but most tend to return at some point.

As I sorted through my over-stocked, cluttered inventory, looking for something to wear on my trip to shop for yet more things to clutter my inventory, I ran across so many things that bring back all of these memories and more, and I am truly glad that I was able to be a part of ‘back then’, and that I’m a part of SL today.  I chuckled as I put on some of the avatars that I thought were so great then, tried on some of the hair that was popular, and even a couple of outfits that came from the higher-end stores of that time.  It sort of reminds me of watching old reruns of Star Trek episodes…how amazing it was back then, how primitive it seems now.  Although it is sometimes necessary to take a break for awhile, I don’t mind admitting that I loved SL then, and I love it now.

And now you can giggle with me….

Yadni and the Junk 1 Year SL Avatar - YadNi Monde-20050410_001

To see more, visit my SL Memories album on Flickr

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