It’s about time…

16 Feb
It’s about time…

to start using this blog.  I remember when I first discovered WordPress.  It was really exciting to find so many different blogs, so many different thoughts, opinions, and sentiments.  I spent days just browsing through a variety of blogs, giggling at this, frowning at that, pausing to consider the logic of something I had just read.  I was having such a great time and I began to realize that I would enjoy doing this too.  Goodness knows I have plenty of opinions and viewpoints, theories that are just dying to find an outlet.  So I did it!  I registered and set up an account!  I was so excited, I just couldn’t wait to get started.

The following day, I sat down at my PC, wriggled my fingers and started to relax, anticipating the flow of creativity that I knew was going to begin just any moment.  Yes, that tingle that starts in the back of your mind, almost a tickle, that little something that tells you that you’re about to overflow with creative energy.  I looked at the monitor, at the white space just so eager to be filled with my personal artistic expression and….a spot.  Wait, what is that?  That almost looks like a nose print from a certain cat who knows better than to be on my desk.  There’s nothing up here for him to play with, why would he be roaming around… ok ok, focus.  Words, ideas, expressing myself, sharing my thoughts….hmm, is that a scratch there in the corner?  It is!  How did that get there?  I wonder if…ugh, ok, this isn’t working, I’ll come back later.

Fast forward several weeks…

I sit down at my desk and click the Wordpress link on my bookmarks bar and wait for this glorious blog page to load.  We have grown quite comfortable with one another, this page and I.  We’ve reached a certain level of acceptance and understanding.  I sigh softly as my eyes travel over the page, now as familiar to me as my own face…


Ready to publish your first post? Get started here.

…and wonder if tomorrow will be the day.

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